At Thermon:

  • we care about our employees around the world and the communities in which they work and live
  • we commit to reduce the environmental impact of our operations
  • we collaborate with our customers in order to help them do the same through our products and innovations

The table below reflects our performance in our fiscal year ended March 31, 2021 (“FY21”) against the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) Disclosure Topics applicable for Electrical and Electronic Equipment Version 2018-10. For more information, please visit the SASB at

SASB Sustainability Disclosure Topics

Topic Accounting Metric Unit of Measure Code THR Result in FY21 THR Result in FY20
Energy Management (1) Total Energy Consumed, (2) percentage grid electricity, (3) percentage renewable Gigajoules (GJ), Percentage (%) RT-EE-130a.1 78,170 GJ consumed, with 100% sourced from grid electricity. 86,069 GJ consumed, with 100% sourced from grid electricity
Hazardous Waste Management Amount of hazardous waste from manufacturing, percentage recycled Metric tons (t)
RT-EE-150a.1 27t hazardous waste;
100% recycled
68t hazardous waste;
98% recycled
Hazardous Waste Management Number and aggregate quantity of reportable spills, quantity recovered Number, Kilograms (kg) RT-EE-150a.2 1 reported spill with less than 2kg quantity spilled, 2kg recovered 1 reported spill with less than 1kg quantity spilled, 0kg recovered
Materials Sourcing Description of the management of risks associated with the use of critical materials (a material that is both essential in use and subject to the risk of supply restriction) Discussion and Analysis RT-EE-440a.1 *See below
Business Ethics Description of policies and practices for prevention of: (1) corruption and bribery and (2) anti-competitive behavior Discussion and Analysis RT-EE-510a.1 Please reference the latest copy of the Thermon Way, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, available on our website at the following link:
Business Ethics Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with bribery or corruption Reporting Currency RT-EE-510a.2 $0 $0
Business Ethics Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with anticompetitive behavior regulations Reporting Currency RT-EE-510a.3 $0 $0
Employee Health and Safety Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
Near Miss Frequency Rate (NMFR)
Rate RT-IG-320a.1 0.07 TRIR
7.8% NMFR (5.5% ex COVID related items)
Metrics are for the total of employees and contractors
0.19 TRIR
6.6% NMFR

Metrics are for the total of employees and contractors
Activity Metrics
Number of units produced by product category (energy generation, energy delivery, lighting and indoor climate control electronics) Number RT-EE-000.A Categories not applicable to Thermon solutions
Number of Employees Number RT-EE-000.B Approximately 1,100 Approximately 1,350

*Materials Sourcing Discussion and Analysis

As part of our manufacturing process, Thermon’s value added manufacturing is dependent upon critical materials sourced from third parties, of which 80% are either off-the-shelf or custom-made products with the other 20% comprised of raw materials. While our manufacturing locations are predominantly in North America, we operate an “in the region, for the region” strategy to diversify our supplier base, manage costs and hold inventory across our various sites. We perform a screening mechanism for conflict materials as part of our supplier management process, and we have a continuous improvement culture that constantly reviews our supplier management processes and adjusts as our operating environment changes. We use limited amounts of magnesium, graphite and platinum in our processes, and these commodities are sourced from multiple suppliers to ensure availability. The quantities we consume of these materials are insignificant compared to the global production and usage.